Yahoo Mail Vs. Google Mail

12 09 2007

Yahoo Mail


Here is the article that I read recently:
Yahoo Mail Vs. Google Mail

After reading the above articles, I also try to have an informal comparison based on my experience on these two applications.

First of all, I would like to talk about the difference between interface of Gmail and Yahoo Mail.
1) very simple and neat
2) just a few color used in building the interface
Yahoo Mail:
1) a little bit clustered since there is many icons in the interface
2) the interface is very colorful
Simple is the best and I feel more comfortable while using the Gmail Interface to manage email.

Apart from that, the convenience is my main concern while using the application. Let’s try to have a look about the first screens after successfully login the email account:

(Gmail printscreen)

(Yahoo Mail Printscreen)

After login successfully Gmail account, I can browse the heading of the new mail at once.
However, after login Yahoo mail account, I am forced to see the advertisement that I may not have interest. (In fact, I am interested in reading the new email at once.) Moreover, I need to click 「收件箱」to see what new email I receive. It requires me to take one more action compare with Gmail arrangement. Also, I will think Yahoo must/may care about advertisement more than customer email.

All in all, reading email for me is a necessary task for me every day but not for leisure. Therefore, spending the least time and effectively to do the task is my requirement in using the web mail application. Gmail can meet my requirement.


If you feel interested in comparing the usability of the free webmail, you can browse the following site:
Web 2.0 applications: Google vs. Yahoo vs. the world





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