Banner blindness

8 11 2007

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Banner blindness is a phenomenon in web usability where visitors on a website ignore ignore banner-like information.

Although Ameritech web design guideline state that:

In general, the larger an item is, the greater its perceived visual importance and likelihood of attracting attention. Make sure that items of greatest important are easy to see, and clearly distinguished from other items.

This may not true according to some usability testings.

From the above testing, I get the message is ” The irrelevant ads were also largely ignored by the participants ” and “ignoring salient items”.

Personally, when I notice that there is a banner-like item, I usually use my past experience to determine whether I will read it. Since this banner-like item is usually an advertisement that I have no interest in my past experience, I will not fall into the trap this time!

PS In my opinion, Google Ads has at least two advantages over banner ad

  • using text ads instead of using banner ads
  • the text formatting is similar to the nearby text in the web page
  • the ads may related to some words of the article in the web page

PS Some figure about web advertisement:




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