29 11 2007

Keyword is a vital issue in SEO.
Good keywords are frequently searched for (high demand) but not being targeted by many other websites (low competition).
Therefore, web developer usually need to put effort on find the keyword the web site.

By using Keyword software, web site developers can find the keyword of their pages effectively and scientifically.
Besides, web developers can also save time since “keyword suggestion” will be provided by the software.
Apart from that, misspelled keyword will be shown to enhance the accuracy of the keyword.

The link to download keyword management software:

Google also provids a similar service on keyword management:


Everything You Need to Know About Web 2.0

22 11 2007

Here is the article that I read recently about Web 2.0:

PS Here is the Best Web 2.0 software of 2006:

Among the best Web2.0 software, I highly recommend you to try to use StumbleUpon.
This software collects the good web site in the related field (e.g. computer, music, graphic designing ant etc ) recommended by the StumbleUpon user.
For my experience, I usually found a very good web site in the related topic by StumbleUpon.
I even feel that the site is better than you search in Google.

Web Style

15 11 2007

This is the articles I read recently:

It is about the layout of current web style.
Lots of examples is listed in the article.

The style such as “Centered orientation”, 3D effect are now the trendy in web2.0 web design.
Hope you can get some ideas to make a web 2.0 style web site.

Banner blindness

8 11 2007

Create your own banner at!

Banner blindness is a phenomenon in web usability where visitors on a website ignore ignore banner-like information.

Although Ameritech web design guideline state that:

In general, the larger an item is, the greater its perceived visual importance and likelihood of attracting attention. Make sure that items of greatest important are easy to see, and clearly distinguished from other items.

This may not true according to some usability testings.

From the above testing, I get the message is ” The irrelevant ads were also largely ignored by the participants ” and “ignoring salient items”.

Personally, when I notice that there is a banner-like item, I usually use my past experience to determine whether I will read it. Since this banner-like item is usually an advertisement that I have no interest in my past experience, I will not fall into the trap this time!

PS In my opinion, Google Ads has at least two advantages over banner ad

  • using text ads instead of using banner ads
  • the text formatting is similar to the nearby text in the web page
  • the ads may related to some words of the article in the web page

PS Some figure about web advertisement:

How to make more money?

1 11 2007

Before making more money , the web site needs to attract more people first.

Here are some hints that we can do to attract people:

  1. Email Newsletters
  2. Informative Product Pages
  3. High-Quality Photography
  4. Product Differentiation and Comparisons
  5. Support for Reordering
  6. Simplified Text
  7. Catering to Seniors
  8. Gift-Giving Support
  9. Search
  10. User Testing

Reference from:

Is your CSS maintainable?

24 10 2007

The layout design will be amended because of the customer suggestion.
Having maintainable CSS will be a must in order to help you a lot in rewriting it.

Here is some suggestion about writing maintainable CSS :

  1. Breaking up your CSS into the smallest possible coherent concept
  2. organize files into a set of directories that allow you to easily figure out the purpose of each file
  3. Use IDs sparingly
  4. Avoid using the same classname for different purposes
  5. always use the same classname for similar purposes
  6. always use intention revealing classnames
  7. always put your classname on the outer most element on which it makes sense

Reference from:

Browser @ web standards

9 10 2007


Reference article:

Different browser in the browser market. Each has its own standard. This make the web designer are tired on working on the compatibility for browser.

Advantage on IE:

  • widely used

Advantage on Firefox:

  • stable

Disadvantage on Firefox:

  • some web pages does not support Firefox
    eg (using Active X)
  • Acrobat doesn’t work well on Firefox.